Polo Rules

There are many rules which govern the sport of Polo.

Rules can vary from country to country.

Rules are in general to make sure that polo ponies and polo players are kept safe at all times during play.

There are rules on polo pony welfare aswell as how to play,what actions are deemed as fouls by players and how a foul is dealt with.

Polo rules whilst set are also constantly evolving to enhance both safety of pony and player aswell as making the game more enjoyable for spectators.

Polo rules are set by countries which have their own polo associations or a National Polo Association may decide to utilise and implement rules decided by more experienced polo playing nations.

There are 3 main polo paying nations,the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland,the United States of America and Argentina.

Each of these 3 countries has a governing body or National association which sets rules which are adopted ny many other nations worldwide.

In the UK - the governing body for polo is the Hurlingham Polo Association or HPA.

In the USA - the governing body for polo is the United States Polo Association or USPA

In Argentina - the govering body is the La Asociación Argentina de Polo or AAP